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A Jew is a person whose mother is Jewish, although various streams of Judaism dispute this statement and designate that Jewish patrimony can be acquired through the father as well. Jews are not a race but a diverse mix of diverse races, nationalities, and cultures. Jews are truly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people; however, within this mix, there are distinct ethnic groups such as the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. They make up the vast majority of the Jewish People. Most American Jews are of Ashkenazi origin. Typically originating from Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union American Jews could be classified as a separate ethnic group, and as a result there are the characteristic stereotypes, although there are exceptions.

A Jew is not a person who practices Judaism, although most Jews do hold on to some form of Jewish practice or cultural custom. A Jew is not an Israeli and an Israeli is not necessarily a Jew. An Israeli is a citizen of the state of Israel. While inhabitants of Israel are Jewish, there are also non-Jewish citizens of Israel. A Jew is not necessarily a citizen of the state of Israel.

Every Jew who is willing to immigrate to Israel must apply for and be granted citizenship to the state just like all the rest of us, although mostly Jewish people are awarded citizenship rather easily. The Jewish faith is one of the most tolerant in the world. Made up of courageous, moral and highly intelligent believers, the Jewish faith has been able to triumph over many centuries of cruel persecution by ignorant, envious representatives of other religions. The source of anti-Semitism in the world today is the result of Jewish success in social, educational and economic areas. Jews value morality, education, and hard work. They care for their families and are pleasant people to be around, if you’re not hostile racist certainly as intellectual superiors, Jews can succeed in all jobs. The presence of such a successful, admirable culture intimidates many. Despite abundant repression Jews remain tolerant and successful in all areas. Jews are not cheap; they're just smart enough to spend their money on the right things, like education and accommodation, things that will bring returns in the future. They care about their families and peace in their country and will try to protect these values by any possible means.

So there’s nothing wrong with trying to defend Israel from the ignorant Palestinian government which reasoning is behind many people’s understanding. All the stereotypes about Jews are right in the same way that Christian people can be cheap and big-nosed, which means it's not right about all the Jews.



Surround Sound Sound Advice Headphone Sound
Bose Speaker Stereo Dolby Sound Format


Surround Sound Sound Advice Headphone Sound
Bose Speaker Stereo Dolby Sound Format